About Company

Antony Carpenter Services works with top-tier development and construction companies, offering comprehensive carpentry services and project management,specializing in medium to high density commercial and residential projects.

At Antony Carpenter Services we believe that high quality work and efficiency go hand in hand. We get the job done to the highest standards and we get it done fast. This guarantees minimal disruption to your home or office and maximizes your value for money.

The Millennium team has been involved in the construction of some of Sydney’s most iconic buildings and projects, and we are the preferred partner for carpentry and labour services for a number of companies and government departments. 

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Antony Carpentry Services
Reasons to choose us

Reasons to choose us

Behind our commitment to excellence are few key attributes that define who we are and what makes us different from any other.

  • Top-Rated Company

    We hold a successful track record of satisfying our customers and getting back their bond money.

  • Superior Quality

    We use the most excellent quality tools and equipment to get all the dust and dirt out of your premises.

  • Eco-Friendly Products

    We use biodegradable products which do not harm the environment, pets or humans in any way.